When Liam Duncan opened Cape Charles Distillery last year on Strawberry Street, he began a great new adventure. And we, in Cape Charles, had a lot to be excited about: the warm, rich décor, the incredible artisanal spirits, and the friendly, knowledgeable proprietor and mixologists. Now, scarcely a year later, he has already outgrown the original location and has opened a new, larger tasting room on Mason Avenue. We’ll drink to that!

Liam Duncan, innovator and owner of Cape Charles Distillery is a man who’s always thinking about what’s next: about the future, about producing the next exceptional new liquor, and creating the very best experience for his guests.

“We outgrew our original location pretty quickly. Now, we’ve increased our space by about two-thirds,” says Liam. “It’s a great place—we’re right on Mason by the Hotel and Watson’s,” he explains. 

The location isn’t the only thing that’s growing. Cape Charles Distillery’s popularity is ever expanding, too. They were just voted the ‘#1 Distillery in Eastern Virginia’ by the readers of Virginia Living Magazine in their annual ‘Best of Virginia’ survey.

‘Best of’ is a title that sums up a lot of what Liam Duncan believes in. His distillery’s slogan says it best: “We like to say, all heart, no burn,” laughs Liam. The burn that you might experience with some other distillers’ spirits, he explains, happens because of a subpar distilling and production process.

“The ‘heart’ is the part of the liquor run that we bottle,” he explains. “It’s smooth, it’s quality.”

Cape Charles Distillery does, indeed, have a lot of heart. Besides the peak-of-perfection spirits they produce, they love creating an environment where people want to linger. “We’re about making sure the people who come into the tasting room feel good where they are. We want them to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy,” Liam says. 

Liam also has a passion for sharing his vast knowledge about craft distilling and the products he makes. “People enjoy learning about the process and about the different things they’re tasting… what is bourbon versus whiskey versus scotch, for example,” says Liam.

Their spirits and craft cocktails have a character and quality all their own. And people are noticing. Cape Charles Distillery products are now served in top tier restaurants in Chincoteague, the Chic’s Beach area, Virginia Beach and beyond. As with their spirits production, they’re not looking to rush things. And quality—not quantity—is the true measure of success.

All those who fell in love with Cape Charles Distillery at its old Strawberry Street location need not fret. Anyone who has tried his whiskey can agree that Liam Duncan knows a thing or two about perfecting recipes. Rest assured, he has struck the perfect balance of ingredients in his new tasting room on Mason Avenue. 

Guests will feel the ambiance and character they were accustomed to, and then some. Enter and drink it in: the speakeasy style, the authentic exposed brick, that great blue velvet couch. And of course, the same fine quality and interesting variety of bourbon, whiskeys, moonshine, and vodka. Guests can enjoy a craft cocktail, a glass of their favorite spirit or a tasting flight of the liquors Cape Charles Distillery offers. (Rumor has it there may be more amazing things on the menu in the near future…)

In Liam’s own words, “everything we do here is all about using quality local products and celebrating Cape Charles’ rich history, a history that’s helped shape the Eastern Shore. So, step into our casual speakeasy space and embark on a spirit journey with us.” 

Certainly sounds like an invitation to us! 

Visit their NEW location on Mason Avenue and savor the exceptional tastes of Cape Charles Distillery. 

Cape Charles Distillery – 222 Mason Avenue, Cape Charles, VA

Cape Charles Distillery Facebook Page

(757) 695-3737

Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sun: 1pm-7pm

Friday & Saturday: 1pm-9pm 


“This new staple…opened just a year ago, but it has already gained a following with its selection of handcrafted small-batch whiskies, vodka, and moonshine, all while capturing the spirit of the Eastern Shore in every bottle. Patrons also enjoy the thoughtful décor, including a chalkboard wall that illustrates the distilling process and a custom-made bar.”

Virginia Living Magazine, on Cape Charles Distillery, ‘Best Distillery in Eastern Virginia’ as chosen by readers.

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