If you’ve visited or reside in Cape Charles, you’re likely familiar with the culinary delights of Hook-U-Up Gourmet. They have been creating memorable, delectable meals at their original Mason Avenue location for years.

But like most culinary artists, renown chef and proprietor, Tim Brown, likes to experiment with new combinations. This summer, Brown has unveiled one of his most impressive creations yet—Hook@Harvey, a Cape Charles Bistro.

The former ‘Hook-U-Up Gourmet’ has relocated from Mason Avenue and reintroduced itself as Hook@Harvey. Several members of our Bay Creek team have already patronized Hook@Harvey and, in short, we’re hooked.

The Location:
Hook@Harvey is inside the historic Harvey House. Originally a mercantile, circa 1906, the Harvey House was moved from the seaside village of Oyster to Cape Charles back in November of 2015. It was moved by barge, taking about five hours to cross the water.

Now it sits at Bayshore Road at the Cape Charles Yacht Center and is the perfect home for Tim and Melanie Brown’s new Hook@Harvey. Guests can dine and look out at the marina and take in gorgeous sunsets. You’ll find more space at the new location but don’t worry— it still has the warm, intimate vibe of the old location, blended with a new energy that being on the waterfront offers.

The Experience:
We had the great fortune of dining at Hook@Harvey last week and enjoyed the level of gourmet cuisine we had become accustomed to (and then some!) from Tim Brown along with many unexpected delights. For starters, there’s a full bar offering incredible artisan-crafted cocktails, any mixed drink you could conceive of, and of course, their full menu of wine and beer.

We enjoyed dining at the chef’s table which is a unique location overlooking the kitchen—a.k.a. ‘where the magic happens.’ We were able to see Hook@Harvey’s latest gourmet creations come to life, and even chat with Chef Tim Brown as he added his expert touch to our bespoke meals.

Tim and Melanie Brown have been a fixture in Cape Charles, well-loved for their dining experiences, and now, they’re adding stunning water views and Technicolor sunsets to the menu. They shared a few thoughts on their new endeavor with us.

“We really like this new environment,” says Tim. “It’s a comfortable space and we’re able to offer more of what our clients enjoy.”

“With the new location, Hook@Harvey has really become even more of a culinary destination,” says Melanie. “Our eclectic gourmet menu, and nightly custom creations, mean each time our guests join us, it’s a new experience.”

We enjoyed our ‘new’ experience, too, and also were heartened by finding the same ‘old’ charm, quality and neighborly conversation the Browns’ establishments are well known for.

“We’re excited about the possibilities for this new location. We invite our loyal customers and new Cape Charles friends and visitors to join us here on the waterfront at Hook@Harvey,” says Melanie.

Your First Visit:
If you haven’t yet tried Hook@Harvey, now’s the time—you’ll find a varied menu, fresh local seafood, and flavors that will surprise and delight. Add to that a show-stopping view across the water. And while it’s a quick jaunt from anywhere in Cape Charles, the atmosphere and beautiful views are truly in a world of their own.

Experience it:
Hook@Harvey, A Cape Charles Bistro
Cape Charles Yacht Center
1011 Bayshore Rd.
Cape Charles, VA

(757) 331-2275

Open Tuesday-Saturday, 5pm – 9pm

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