Homeowner Spotlight:  Meet Ray and Denyse Megginson

It happens all the time— people visit Bay Creek for the first time and are captivated by its character, its lifestyle and its beauty. They return again and again. Eventually, many find themselves owning a home here.

Ray and Denyse ‘Denny’ Megginson discovered Bay Creek in much the same way—when Bay Creek had only just begun.

Virginia natives and long-time Virginia Beach residents who also have a home in Jupiter, Florida, Ray and Denny have long enjoyed the magic of Bay Creek. “We’ve been coming to Bay Creek, back and forth for 23 years,” says Ray.

Convenient to his financial business’ home office in Virginia Beach, Bay Creek was an easy escape from the traffic and crowds of the bustling Hampton Roads area.

“When you leave Virginia Beach and take that drive over the water, and you emerge from the Bay Bridge tunnel, you’re truly in another world,” explains Denny. “You leave all the stress behind, and you find yourself in this immaculately beautiful place. Your senses become more alert and you’re taking in this beauty that’s all around you. There’s no other place like it and we’ve been all over the world.”

“We were one of the first families to join Bay Creek—when it was just a dirt road and a dream,” laughs Ray. “When we first joined, we bought a homesite in The Hollies and one in Marina Village near the restaurant on the water. My company and partners bought one of the first condos in The Fairways.”

Ray and Denny bought a second condo on the 11th hole and have loved it for many years. “We’ve been playing golf here forever,” says Ray. “Nearly all of my partners ended up coming over and buying homesites and building houses in Bay Creek. Many of my clients and friends have moved here, too.”

“Ray was the pied piper,” laughs Denny. “We obviously love Bay Creek!”

Ray and Denny are now in the process of building a home in Muirfield Bluffs with Simpson Builders. “We’ve often driven by that part of Bay Creek over the past 20 years, and I always said, ‘if a property ever goes up for sale on the Bluffs, we’ve got to get it’. This property has one of the most spectacular views of the golf course and Bay,” says Ray. “It’s incredible.”

Their home is scheduled for an end of summer completion. ” Mary-Dolph, Howard, and Page from Simpson Builders are just amazing,” says Ray.

“We’ve built many homes, and this has been the best and most fun of all,” smiles Ray. “Our kids have already said, ‘you’re not allowed to ever sell the Bay Creek House’—it’s going to be our family legacy house.”  Ray and Denny’s entire family loves the community. His son was married at Bay Creek and their grandchildren love visiting and feel right at home.

“This is one of my favorite spots in the world. The sunrises and sunsets, the golf course, walking on the nature preserve, there’s so much we just love at Bay Creek. It’s such a retreat,” says Denny. “And that’s what we’re calling our new house: ‘Bay Bluffs Retreat.’

“We do a lot of entertaining, and have so many friends here,” Denny explains. “We want to share Bay Creek. We’re always talking about it with friends in Florida. We’re going to share the new house and let our friends experience Bay Creek and Cape Charles

“Cape Charles is the quaintest little town,” says Denny. “It’s absolutely beautiful. We love to take our golf carts over there. It’s so much fun.”

“The store and restaurant owners are great, and we’ve become good friends with a lot them,” says Ray. “Cape Charles is doing a lot of good things with architectural preservation, too.  And then there’s the cart community…it has really come alive. Our granddaughters love to take our golf cart into Cape Charles to explore.”

Ray and Denny have enjoyed watching Bay Creek grow and flourish over the years. “I walked the course with Arnold Palmer when it opened,” recalls Ray. “…and with Jack Nicklaus when that course first opened.

Now after over two decades, scores of friends with whom they’ve shared the community, and too many wonderful memories to count, the magic that first attracted them to Bay Creek here on the sparkling Chesapeake Bay is still very much alive.

“I guess you could say we fell in love with the dream,” Denny smiles.

Congratulations, Ray and Denny, on Bay Bluffs Retreat, your soon-to-be-complete ‘legacy house’ at Bay Creek!

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